The Bauduc Rosé cocktail

The Bauduc Rosé cocktail

Posted by Gavin Quinney on 11th Jun 2021

Our famous summer cocktail is great for parties of all sizes and attractively pink, thoroughly refreshing and tasty in hot weather.

For 25+ long drinks, mix together two bottles of (Château) Bauduc Rosé, 50cl cranberry juice, a healthy dash of lime cordial, a good squeeze of fresh lime juice and a slug of vodka. Adapt the measures to your taste - and the type of party - but a quarter of a bottle of vodka is about right.

When guests arrive, put ice into highball or large glasses and pour in the mix to half way. Then fill with Canada Dry ginger ale - you’ll need two litres of it for this amount. If you can, garnish with leaves of mint and a lime wedge, squeezing the wedge as you drop it in.

To top up, go round with a jug of the mix and the Canada Dry, and ice if required.