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Help and FAQ


If you have any questions about placing an order online:

Call 0800 316 3676 (UK freephone, or local rate from a UK mobile)

Text or call Angela +33 650108521 or Gavin +33 642329853

Email team@bauduc.com and/or gavin@bauduc.com

Direct message on Twitter to @chateaubauduc or Message on Facebook Chateau Bauduc


Do you send the wine from France or from the UK?

Can I send wine as a present?

Why has the delivery charge gone up?

Can we order a bottle to try before buying more for a wedding?

Can I order wine to be sent direct from France?

Can I order wine to be delivered in France?

Do you send the wine from France or from the UK?

All our wine for UK delivery goes through London City Bond, one of the UK’s leading wine storage and delivery companies, where we keep a large amount of stock. LCB are used by many of the UK’s most respected wine merchants and while LCB’s delivery costs are not the cheapest, especially for smallish deliveries (6-18 bottles), they are reliable and breakages are few and far between. We have tried other nationwide carriers in the past but our customers have been let down at times by broken bottles. Many customers also like to receive wine in original Chateau Bauduc 6-packs rather than huge, plain cardboard boxes which are required for non-specialist carriers.

Can I send wine as a present?

A case of Chateau Bauduc is a very welcome gift. Please include any short gift message in the delivery instructions. We ourselves place your order with the delivery company so we can add any message (it has to be short, please) and we can track what's happening. We will email you to say when the wine has been delivered. Allow up to a week for small deliveries of a case or two to remote areas. (See our delivery pages.)

Why has the delivery charge gone up?

(This hasn't been asked, in truth, but we thought we’d mention it.)

We’ve switched all our deliveries to the specialist wine carrier London City Bond, so that our wine arrives with our customers on time and, really importantly, in one piece. We’ve used LCB for many years for larger deliveries and, like many proper wine merchants, we now use their home delivery service too.

We have always subsidised the real cost of delivery, and the cost to us today for 6-12 bottles from LCB is £15, so we 'subsidise' our minimum delivery charge to customers for 6-12 bottles by charging £9.50. The most cost effective option when ordering from us is to go for free delivery for 24 or more bottles in England and Wales.

Can we order some bottles to try before buying more for a wedding?

Naturally, we recommend our mixed cases containing 6 bottles. Failing that, you can order a mixed set of individual bottles from us. Use the bottle price quoted on the site plus £9.50 delivery. To order, email team@bauduc.com or call 0800 316 3676 from the UK, or call/text Angela on 0033650108521.

Can I order wine to be sent direct from France?

Other than the odd ’sample’ bottle or two, we strongly advise against ordering wine to be sent direct from abroad.

Shipping a few cases can be expensive and they could get broken but, more importantly, you cannot legally order wine to be sent to Britain without paying the UK duty of £2.16 per bottle, and VAT. The European Court put a stop to this a decade ago in an important test case, much to the relief of the British and Irish governments who charge high rates of excise duty.

You might order from an overseas producer or wine merchant in good faith, and pay the local duty - which is much lower in all the wine producing countries - and VAT at source, but the wine could be seized by UK customs. HMRC make this quite clear on their website.

To avoid paying UK duty, you have to personally accompany the wine, and many of our private customers pick up larger orders from our Calais depot. If you do so, and provided the wine is for your own use, there is no limit as to how much you can bring back to the UK from the EU.

Can I order wine to be delivered in France?

Yes. We can send wine from the Chateau and the wine is £2.50 a bottle less expensive than in the UK due to minimal duty on wine in France. Note that the delivery charges from our carriers in Francs mean that sending just a case or two is relatively expensive. It starts to make economic sense if you order 36 bottles or more, depending on the location. Unlike in the UK, somebody has to be in to sign for the goods. Get in touch for a quote and do give us the French postcode - or at least the area code, as in the first two digits. Email team@bauduc.com or call/text Angela on 0033650108521.

As a Bondholder, how do I order my Bond allocation for this year?

You should receive an email from us with full details of how to order for delivery to you in the UK or for collection from Calais or from the Chateau. Email bond@bauduc.com and we’ll send you the details or call us on 0800 316 3676. It is remarkably easy when you know how.