Bauduc Credits

Between mid-November and Christmas 2020 we're running a cunning scheme called Credits.

You still get free delivery on 12 bottles in England and Wales and we have no plans to change that, given the lockdown. (The charge for a 6-bottle case is £10.)

However, there's such a lovely range of wines to choose from now, we'd like to pass on the savings we make on a 'bulk' delivery if you order a job lot - or, indeed, club together with friends.


If you order a few cases, which can be mixed of course, we'll put a credit in your Bauduc account for use against a future order. The amount depends on the delivery location as follows:




So, for example, if the delivery address is in Greater London, the Home Counties or Middle England (our titles, for better or worse) the credit we give you for a 6-dozen drop will be £60 and a tenner on top for every dozen in addition.

Some finer points

Please note 'a dozen' refers to a full dozen for Credit purposes (eg an order for 30 bottles counts as 2 dozen, not 3).

We'll put a credit on your account within 7 days of your order being placed. You'll be able to see it in 'my account', top right of the website.

If you don't have an account, such as if you order using a guest account or over the phone, we'll ask you to open one: it's dead easy - again, top right of the website.

Credits must be used by 30 June 2021. You're given the option to use any credit at the end of the checkout on the website.

The idea is that you can use the credit you earn now against a purchase of our offer next year of our 2020 whites, rosés and new season wines, post the Brexit 'transition'. (Or sooner if preferred.)

Private customers in the UK who buy from us in 2020 will be given priority with the release of our new season wines in 2021.

We'll email you once every two months with a reminder of any credit that's waiting for you to use.

Some promotions are excluded from the deal, such as the Bordeaux Superieur 2016 and 2017 offer in December 2020 (unless you ordered wine on top).

Footnote and London City Bond

The amount of the credit varies depending on the delivery address and it's based on the savings we make on the delivery charges from our partner London City Bond. We are charged a flat rate of £15 inc VAT for a 6 or 12-bottle delivery, which seems a lot but worth it, and charges thereafter vary from one area to another. The credits we're offering, eg at £10 a dozen for an order of 5 dozen plus, are because at that volume we're charged around a fiver per dozen.

LCB haven't broken a bottle of Bauduc this year, to our knowledge, and we think their proper handling of our wine and the speed of the service is worth the extra cost.