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3 Magnums of Claret


Out of stock for the summer, sorry.


A wooden gift case with three Magnums of Merlot Cabernet 2015, with a sliding lid. Sorry, out of stock until the autumn now. (Please don't order unless you want to wait until then for the whole order to be delivered.)

Our Merlot Cabernet 2015 is a juicy, medium bodied Bordeaux from the lovely, ripe 2015 vintage. We harvested the grapes in lovely condition at the start of October and the result is a smooth and quaffable red that’s easy to drink.

Back label: ‘This is a classic Bordeaux blend of 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium bodied and partially aged in oak, it’s easy, fruity and supple enough to drink quite young. A French bistro sort of wine.'  13.5% alc.

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